Our Believes


To be the number one choice of the power sector agents in conducting free market energy businesses.


Acting in the free energy market based on technical knowledge and preservation of long-term relationships with our customers, partners, employees and partners. We seek to provide liquidity in energy trading operations in accordance with our risk parameters and credit analysis criteria.



We believe in merit awards, we value employees and partners according to their participation in building the company’s results.

Appreciation of the people

People are our biggest assets, we work in a partnership system, where everyone has a voice in the business and participates in the result.


Respect for the individual. We believe that the basis of human relationship is respect for everyone’s values and positions. That’s why we cultivate and preserve respect in relationships with people inside and outside our organization.


We conduct our business in an integral, moral and ethical manner. We believe this is the foundation for building a solid company that can expand and perpetuate itself.


All our decisions are based on the perpetuity of our company. We invest a lot in technical knowledge to estimate the behavior of the variables that impact our business and adapt to market changes. What guides us always is longevity.


We are obsessed with excellence, studying and generating businesses that produce better and better results.